About Us

SocialFlow has developed the industry's first and only social media optimization technology that uses real-time data -- including the Twitter and bitly firehoses -- to help publishers, retailers, and brands earn maximum potential engagement on Twitter. Through the SocialFlow AttentionScore™ algorithm, SocialFlow dynamically publishes the best message at the best time to ensure its clients get the maximum amount of engagement from their Followers.

Headquartered in the Meatpacking District of New York City, SocialFlow is led by internet, media, marketing and start up veterans.

The Team


Frank Speiser, CEO/Co-Founder

Frank Speiser is the CEO and Co-Founder of SocialFlow. Frank has been leading the charge of a science-based approached to marketing and publishing since the early days of the emergence of social networks. He originally conceived of the idea of algorithmically measuring appetite and receptivity for messages to a social graph with Co-Founder Mike Perrone in early 2009, founding SocialFlow shortly thereafter. Prior to SocialFlow, Frank was CTO of New York based Takkle, Inc. (acquired by Alloy Media+Marketing), and prior to that Frank was CTO of video and social site HEAVY. Frank's technical career stretches back to the age of 8, where he made his first program to translate sheet music into sound via BASIC. He regularly speaks on the importance of timing and topicality with regards to the value of an audience.


Mike Perrone, COO/Co-Founder

Mike Perrone is the COO and Co-Founder of SocialFlow. Mike's professional passion is using technology to achieve higher operational ROI. He has extensive experience in building businesses and implementing technology in enterprises practically. Prior to SocialFlow he was VP, Integration for Bertelsmann's US Direct Marketing businesses and was tasked with leading the integrations of several high profile acquisitions. He has also worked in advertising (JWT), management consulting (KPMG), entertainment technology and direct marketing. Mike received his MBA from Penn State and BSBA from Boston University's School of Management.


Michael Chin, VP of Marketing

Michael Chin is the VP of Marketing and Business Development at SocialFlow. Before joining SocialFlow, Michael was SVP, Marketing at KickApps, a leading social media platform. He has worked on a variety of brands in online media and entertainment while at Deep Focus, a leading agency that delivers online engagement, and at Bite Communications, a global communications consultancy serving both blue chip companies and emerging start-up brands, where Michael spearheaded the agency's New York City expansion. Prior to that, Michael was Director of Marketing at StormPlay Entertainment Systems and an Account Manager at Niehaus Ryan Wong. Michael has worked with numerous well-known brands throughout his career, including Calvin Klein, WeightWatchers, Hearst, Sony Television, Harpo, AMC, Virgin Life Care, BEA Systems, VERITAS Software, Become.com, Creative Labs and Netscape.


Gilad Lotan, VP of Research and Development

Gilad Lotan is the VP of Research and Development for SocialFlow, where he utilizes data driven approaches to draw insight and understanding from social streams. Previously, Gilad served as a program manager at Microsoft's FUSE labs. Past work includes 'Retweet Revolution', visualizing the flow of information during the 2009 #IranElection riots, and a 2011 IJOC study investigating the relationship between mainstream media and social media channels during the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions. Gilad's work has been presented at TED, IXDA, Summit Series, Berkeley BCNM, Boston Book Festival, and published at HICCS, CHI and Ubicomp.